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Advanced Export To Excel

The most flexible and efficient Export/Report tool for Act! allows you to export data from a single or multiple Act! tables to Excel.

You're using the standard Export to Excel feature provided by Act? Advanced Export to Excel is much more powerful.

Differences with the Export to Excel feature already in Act!

  • It allows you to export data from multiple tables at once (contact, company, group, opportunity, activity, history and note)
  • It doesn't drop the data into a blank spreadsheet but inserts it into the spreadsheet of your choice. Hence you can customize it by formatting cells, adding calculations and totals, etc.
  • Both work from the list views. But Advanced Export to Excel gives you the option to either export all records in the list view or only the ones you select manually.
  • NOTE: Starting with v., an icon is also added under the History, Note, Activity and Opportunity tabs of the details view.

Want to export data from multiple tables? No problem!

You can export many combinations of records in the same report. For instance:

  • Opportunity + Product + Contact + Company
  • Contact + Company
  • Company + Contact
  • Group + Contact + Company
  • Activity + Contact + Company
  • History + Contact + Company
  • Note + Contact + Company

For the whole list of combinations, please see this Types of reports you can produce.

Need totals? Like great looking reports?

Advanced Export to Excel does not drop your data into a blank worksheet. It inserts it in the worksheet of your choice that will therefore be used as a template, allowing you to previously customize it with your own Excel calculations and totals.

As far as formatting the report, everything is done in Excel. No need to learn complicated techniques, if you are able to format Excel cells, you are able to format your reports. You can use all the simple cell formatting options (bold, color, cell alignment, borders, etc.) that Excel provides and even conditional formatting.

Export all records of your list view or only the ones you hand pick

To make it simpler, Advanced Export To Excel works from your list views. You create the lookup of records and sort them before launching the add-on and the add-on exports the records that appear in the list, in the same order. You can either export all the records of the list or the ones you choose manually.

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Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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