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Add-ons for Act! 2008

Act! 2008 is a great product but you may find that it is missing functionalities that are important to you. At Exponenciel, we have developed the following add-ons to provide you with these important missing functionalities:

• Act! Calendar To Excel
• Adv. Layout Tools - General Pack
• Adv. Layout Tools - Graphics Pack
• Adv. Layout Tools - Notifier Pack
• Adv. Layout Tools - PictureViewer
• Advanced Do Not Call Lookup
• Advanced Dropdown Lists
• Advanced Field Protection
• Advanced Lookup by Groups
• Advanced Menu Management
• Advanced Sales Lookup, Export & Reports
• Automatic Data Entry - From Table
• Automatic Field Calculations
• Automatic Member Synchronization
• AutoNumbers for ACT! Records
• Click Dialer Plugin
• ContactLinks
• Excel Templates
• Excel Templates w/Quote/Invoice Maker
• Field Tooltips
• LayoutSwitch
• MagicJack Plugin
• Navigation Bar for Companies-Groups
• No Call Scheduled Lookup
• On-Off Edit Mode
• Purge Notes & History

Not finding what you need? We do custom programming.


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