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Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II

The Excel Add-in

Naming your merged documents

Creating a merged document

Once your template is created, creating a merge document is as simple as selecting the template using the browse (...) button and clicking the Run button.

Let's review all your options though:

In the File Format dropdown, you have the choice between Excel and PDF.

In the Select an action groupbox, you are offered 2 choices: one to open the document (in Excel or your PDF editor depending on the file format you chose) and another one to not open the document.


  • If you select the option to open the document, to attach the document to the current record, once in Excel use the Save and Update ACT! history command (see the The Excel Add-in topic for its location in Excel)
  • If you select the option to not open the document, just check the appropriate box to have it be attached to the current record.

There are 2 places where you can attach documents in ACT! under the history tab or the documents tab. The type of attachments is a template specific setting: you can set it under Options>Template Settings.

Bi-directional templates

If your template is bi-directional, to update ACT!, select the option to open the document in Excel then click the Transfer Mapped Data to ACT! button under the Exponenciel tab of the ribbon.

Templates containing opportunity fields

When Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II detects that there are opportunity or product fields in the template, it prompts you to choose which opportunities from the current record you want to include in the merged document.

When the selected opportunity has several products and only when it has several products, Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II will give you the option to select one or more products.

The Excel Add-in

Naming your merged documents

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