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Advanced Layout Tools -
General Pack

» What's new in this version

The General Pack contains nineteen different controls to add to your ACT! layouts and enhance your ACT! experience.

Theses controls are:

  • The Next Activity Indicator, a field that displays the date and regarding field of your next activity with the record (NEW)
  • The Last Activity Indicator, a field that displays the date and regarding field of your last activity with the record (NEW)
  • The Product Names field, a control that displays the list of the products of the current opportunity and writes them to a field so that you may display it in the opportunity list view (NEW)
  • The ACT! Command Button, a button to launch any ACT! command available in the ACT! menus (NEW)
  • The Help Button, a button to display a tooltip (NEW)
  • The Launch Query Button, a button to launch a saved query (NEW)
  • The CopyToClipboard Button, a button to copy data from the current record to the clipboard (NEW)
  • The GenerateDocument Button, a button to create a merge document for the current contact with a single click
  • The GenerateDocument List, a list of templates to quickly generate documents for the current contact
  • The Launch Button, a button to launch an outside program
  • The OpenDocument Button, a button to open a document which path is in a field
  • The Browse Button, a browse button to select a document and write the path to a field
  • The Age Field, a field control bound to a date which automatically displays the age of the date
  • The E-Board, a field control which displays the content in the manner of an electronic board
  • The CheckBox Button, a control to replace the standard Yes/No control and behaves as a toggle button
  • The Tabs control, a tab control to arrange your fields under tabs
  • The Groupbox, a container control to visually group your fields in a titled frame
  • The Panel, a container control to visually group your fields in a frame (NEW)
  • The MonthCalendar, a single or multi-month calendar to always have a calendar under your eyes and quickly schedule a new activity
  • The Line control, a control to draw lines

What's new in the version for ACT! 2010/11

  • All controls may be used in the new opportunity layout.
  • 2 new controls, the Next Activity Indicator and the ACT! Command button.
  • The MonthCalendar now allows you to schedule activities.
  • Most controls have been revised and offer improved functionalities.
  • You now have access to online help through the Help>Online help menu.

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is to browse its online help

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Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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