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Advanced Sales Lookup, Export and Reports

Advanced Sales Lookup, Export & Reports is designed to help you manage your Sales Opportunities.

You can create Excel reports
on any information contained in your opportunities

As its name implies, it combines 3 functions:

  • it has very elaborate Opportunities Lookup features;
  • it allows to export your sales data to a CSV (Comma delimited) file for easy import into another program;
  • it allows to create reports in Excel with formatting, sorting and totals, so that you don't need to edit your report in Excel once created.

New in this version:
You may have Excel automatically
perform calculations on the imported data
to calculate commissions for instance

Here are some examples of what you can do with ASLR :

  • create a lookup or report containing opportunities created in the last month;
  • create a lookup or report containing all opportunities managed by a particular user;
  • identify opportunities based on 2 different criterias (any field of the sales record can be a criteria: product, type, quantity, amount, competitor, etc.) : for instance, you could create a report of opportunities for product 'Bulk Chocolate', with quantities above 1000, sorted by forecasted close dates.
  • Create a sales report in Excel and have Excel perform calculations on the imported data (to calculate commissions for instance).

New starting with the version for ACT! 2005

  • allows to report on products (new in ACT! 2005)
  • allows to run calculations in Excel after data import (see the Commission report explanation in the user's manual)
  • ability to insert blank columns

NOTE: Requires Excel 2000 or higher. Compatible with Office 2007.



Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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