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DBSwitch is an ACT! AddOn which lists your different databases and creates a table in which you can enter a contact layout, group layout, startup macro or .exe file for each database. Then when you open the database through DBSwitch, you automatically get the layout you want and the specified macro or .exe file (if any) is triggered.With version 3.0, DBSwitch also allows database specific default locations (document, document templates, layout default locations). You also have the option to store your username and password for automaticl logon.

With DBSwitch , you can:

  • Directly open each of your databases in a preset layout
  • Trigger a macro or an executable file at the opening of a specific database
  • Directly open any database in the view of your choice
  • Automatically change the default locations (documents, document templates, layout, etc.) to match those of the database
  • Enable automatic logon so that you don't have to type your username and password anymore

None of these features are available in ACT! but they are a must-have for users working with multiple databases.

You may use DBSwitch to open ACT!
and log you on automatically
into the database of your choice

DBSwitch may be used to launch ACT! through the QuickSwitch screen prompting you to choose a database before ACT! is open and ensuring that all your database-specific settings are automatically loaded (You may store your username and password for automatic logon).

DBSwitch now also allows to specify default locations (document, document template, etc.) for each of your databases.



Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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