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Act! to PDF Forms

Creating your field map

Using the Autonumbering feature

Naming your merged documents

Act! to PDF Forms also helps you automatically name your documents, which is particularly useful if you want to include the name of the company, of the contact or any information contained in a contact, company, group or opportunity field.

You may want to take a look at our AutoNumbers add-on which automatically numbers your Act! records at creation time (or later). The number is stored in one of the Act! field and therefore may be included in the name of your merged document.

To define the naming convention, make sure your PDF Form is selected in the main window, then go to Settings>Naming Convention...>N.

By default, the naming convention consists of your form name, but you can make it whatever you want by clicking the Edit... button and editing the syntax.

In the example above, if your form name is Contract.PDF, the company of the contact Best Entertainment and the record manager of the opportunity Chris Huffman, your document will be automatically named Contract-Best Entertainment-CH.

For more on how to use the Syntax Editor, see Using the AutoNumber syntax (opens in a new window). It is a topic of our AutoNumbers addon but it uses a similar Syntax Editor. The topic lists all the functions and variables available.


  • The naming feature is particularly important when running in automated mode, as you won't get an opportunity to manually name the files before they are saved.
  • File names are automatically incremented (as in Document1.PDF, Document2.PDF, etc.) so that you never risk to overwrite an existing file.
  • If you include more than one opportunity in your merged document and your naming convention includes opportunity fields, the first opportunity of the merged document will be used to provide values for the naming convention.

Creating your field map

Using the Autonumbering feature

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