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Trial version

Keeping your add-on up-to-date or reinstalling it

Registering your ACT! addon

Registration is based on your ACT! username. It means that during the registration process you'll be asked for your ACT! username and that the license number you will receive will work only for the specified username.

This also means that you can use your Exponenciel ACT! add-on on as many machines as you want, provided you logon into ACT! under the same username.

What is my ACT! username?

It is the name you type when you logon into ACT!.

If you are a single user of ACT!, you may not type anything to get into ACT!. Nonetheless you do have an ACT! username. To find out what it is, click the Register now... button when the add-on starts or go to the Help>About window once the addon is started and your ACT! username will be indicated.

Where do I buy and how long before I get my license number?

You may buy licenses for your favorite ACT! add-ons from order page. You'll find more explanations on the order page as to the process of buying.

In a nutshell, you'll place the order online at the Kagi Store, the vendor we use to handle our online transactions. As soon as the order is approved by Kagi, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with one or more transaction codes (one per license bought). Transaction codes use this format XXX-XXXXX-XXX-XXXXX. Copy and paste the transaction code into the text box of your add-on registration window. The addon will recognize it as a transaction code and will prompt you to register online. Accept the prompt and you'll be transferred to our registration server which will generate your license number. Type the license number in the same text box where you typed the transaction code and you're done! Fast and simple.

You won't need to download the program again if it is already installed. The download file that you find in our download page is the only file you need. We DO NOT have 2 download packages, one for the trial version and one for the registered version.

You won't lose anything that you already created with the add-on.

Trial version

Keeping your add-on up-to-date or reinstalling it

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