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The Notifier

The Notifier control is an image control that you associate to a field. Depending on the value of the field, the notifier displays different images or icons.

In the following video, we demonstrate how to add the Notifier control to a layout and how to set it up to display different icons depending on the value of the field.

The control comes with 2 sets of icons (16X16 pixels or 32X32 pixels). In the above video, we used the 16X16 icons but you may use your own set of images. In this case, instead of using the ImageConditionMet properties, use the CustomImageCondition properties and their browse button to choose your images. Images can be of any size.

Order in which you set up your conditions

The order in which you set your conditions is very important. The one thing to remember is that conditions are evaluated in the order you set them and that their evaluation ends as soon as a condition is met.

For instance, if Condition1 is >10, Condition2 >20, then Condition2 is never evaluated as true, because any value higher than 20 being also higher than 10, the evaluation stops at Condition1.

Why we set up the first condition to be ="" in the video

We did it so that no image/icon be displayed when the attached field is empty (="" means is empty). You may have noticed that we did not select any icon in the ImageCondition01Met property. Otherwise the Red icon would have been displayed when the field is empty. We could also have set it up this way, of course.

Note that we did not have to type ="". We could have left the property blank and obtained the same result.

The Next Activity & Last Activity indicators

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