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Advanced Export To Excel

Types of reports you can produce

How to select the records to be exported and sort them

How to set up a new report

To create a new report, launch the add-on from the appropriate list view (see Types of reports you can produce if you're not sure) then go to Report>New... to open the Report Settings Wixard.

Here is what the Report Settings Wizard looks like:

Report Name and Type

1 Not much to say about it, besides the fact that it needs to be unique and can't contain the following characters: \/:*?<>|.

Field Selection

2 Depending on the view you're in (see Types of reports you can produce), the list of fields you may include in the report changes. The list on the left include the fields that are available, the list on the right, the fields that are in the report.

If you want to insert an empty column, add the (virtual) field named Other | Empty Column.

3 Please see the topic titled Types of reports you can produce, for an explanation of the No Repeat option.

Excel Template

4 The Excel file can be any .xlsx or .xlsm file. You may select it from any location, the add-on will automatically copy it to the Report folder as set under Options>Preferences when it saves the settings.

5 If the file contains multiple worksheets, you can select the worksheet the data will be exported to.

6 If you want to include titles at the top of the Excel worksheet or do some special formatting, you can set the data to be exported starting at the Top Left Cell of your choice. For instance, if you add column titles to row A, in oorder to not have the export overwrite your titles, set the Top Left Cell to B1.

Contact Filter

Screen 7 is not available in all reports.

Its purpose is to filter the contacts to be exported. For instance, let's say that "buyer" is an option of your ID/Status field and you want to produce a company report where are only listed the contacts who are buyers. All you have to do is check the Only export contacts who match the following criteria, set the field to ID/Status and the value to Buyer.

Types of reports you can produce

How to select the records to be exported and sort them

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