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Online help
Copy Data Between Records

Registering your ACT! addon

Installation Procedure

Download the program file from our download page.

  • Once the download is complete, make sure ACT! is closed before double-clicking the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Once the installation process is complete, launch ACT!. Contrarily to our other add-ons, no icon has been added to the toolbars. That's because layout tools need to be added manually to the layout through the layout editor.

Do I have to install the add-on on each machine or can I run it from the server?

You need to install it on each machine you want to run the add-on from. This is the only way to run our add-ons (see the technical note below). Please note that none of our add-ons require to be installed if you are not going to use the add-on on a machine. Installing on the server is useless unless you want to use the add-on with the ACT! client installed on the server.

Layout tools need to be added individually to the layout, there is an help topics for each tool with more information on this.


If you do not install the tools on all machines, the machines without tools will not see them in the layout as one would expect. That's fine but make sure that you don't edit the layout on one of these machines because when ACT! saves a layout, it looks for the tool files and if it can't find them (and it won't if you have not installed them on this particular machine), it cleans up the layout thinking that these references are not necessary anymore...

Technical note (for information purposes only)

This ACT! add-on is a layout tool which means that it has to reside in a specific location (the ACT! Tools folder) and that it is automatically loaded by ACT! at startup. That's why we do not present you with a choice of installation folders during the installation process. That's also why the only method to run the add-on is from within ACT! (unlike an independent program that you can launch from the Windows Start button).

Registering your ACT! addon

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