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AutoNumbers for ACT! Records

Creating an AutoNumber

AutoNumber parameters

Using the AutoNumber syntax

Your AutoNumber is not limited to being a simple automatically incremented number...

You can integrate partial or total content of one of more of the record fields. For this you use the Syntax editor and the functions that it makes available to you.

These functions allow you to extract and format field information. In the video below, you'll see how you can get the first 3 digits (ignoring spaces) of the company name converted to uppercase in front of the automatically incremented number.

Here is a list of functions that are available to you in the syntax editor:

  • Initials returns the first digit of each word. It is perfect to retrieve the initials of the record manager for instance;
  • LCase and UCase convert a string of characters to lower or uppercase;
  • Left and Right extract the specified number of digits starting from the left or the right;
  • Mid does the same thing but you set the starting point;
  • Trim removes any space between or after a string of characters.

As you've seen in the video, you can "nest" functions inside other functions. See the screenshot below as a reminder.

You want to also check the Variables dropdown list that gets you access to a number of date variables.

Creating an AutoNumber

AutoNumber parameters

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