Browse and Open Document buttons

These are 2 buttons that work hand in hand although they can be used separately.

They are typically used to associate a document to a record (contact, company, group, oportunity) without actually attaching it to the record. Clicking the Open button is then a lot faster that opening the documents tab and looking for a document among many others. It can also be used to open a directory.

See this video on how to set them up.

Browse button

The Browse button allows the user to select a file or folder and store the path in a field. The button has a Default Folder property. When you set it to a folder, the Open dialog box which pops up when you click the button will default to that folder so that you don't have to navigate to the same folder every time.

Open Document button

The Open Document button opens the file or folder which path is stored in the field you associate it with. Typically the Browse and Open Document buttons are associated with the same field. One stores the path in the field, the other reads the path and opens the file, document or folder.